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The owner of is Gard Jenssen (me). I bought the domain way back when to be able to use it for my family as our mail domain. Put gard in front of the @ and put after and you can reach me by mail :-)

Unfortunately there are too many private Jenssens in the world to link to them all here – although the majority of us come from Norway it would seem (and Norway is a pretty small country). Anyway, here are some sites I deem worthy of a link:

Should you want your own site linked here, let me know at gard {a t} – I may charge you some change for the job and link depending on my mood and your site. I may even accomodate you with an address :-)


Jensen Matress (or Jensen Matresses). Apparently they make beds and matresses that are really comfortable. Personally I prefer Hästens or IKEA beds.

Jensen stereos. These guys seem so sell everything HiFi – everything from car stereo to amplifiers and CD players and what have you.

Bernard Jensen deals in nutrition, iridology and wholistic health, inclding lots of pills, tablets and other interesting things that probably can make you healthier.

Geir Jensen is perhaps better known as Biosphere a Norwegian band playing electronic music.

Georg Jensen is a Danish designer of many cool things you can put in your home, like cutlery, tea caddy, decanter bottles and stuff that generally are useful when eating.

Luhr-Jensen is a manufacturer of fishing gear it seems, like spoons and divers and lures. Pretty specialised…

If you know of more cool and interesting businesses around the world branded Jensen or Jenssen let me know!

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